Name: Loni - Age:18 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 215 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
Booze turns me on! Honestly, I have to watch myself otherwise I end up fucking all of the guys at the party and most of the girls as well! I don't drink too much though: I still want to remember the next day what I've been up to.

Name: Scarlet - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 383 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
This might sound strange coming from a model but I would never masturbate in front of my boyfriend. I know, it's odd as I do it nearly every day in front of a camera but it is different between lovers. Something I like to keep to myself.

Name: Simone - Age:19 - Cupsize: E+ - Photos: 323 - Movies: 2 Rated by members:
I love playing with myself and especially with my tits. They’re not only big, they are hyper sensitive too! As soon as I get the slightest bit excited my nipples harden as if they are trying to punch through my T-shirt. When a guy touches them it has an immediate effect. I get wet and a craving for a big dick!

Name: Kathy - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 2138 - Movies: 10 Rated by members:
I am really proud of my tits. I mean, I like my whole body and there are not many girls who can say that. But my breasts are my prize posession. They're round, firm and the nipples are ever so sensitive. I love to play with them...

Name: Nicole Z - Age:18 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 948 - Movies: 6 Rated by members:
My perfect boyfriend would be a very sportive guy. I like muscled bodies and I think he would need the energy to if he wants to start a relationship with me, haha! No, his dick size doesn't matter as long as he knows what to do with it.

Name: Cikita - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 4023 - Movies: 4 Rated by members:
Cikita aka Marketa Wild? Me? I am wilder than wild! I don't care for long lasting relationships. Well, not yet anyway. I am still young and I want to make the most of life while I can. I like fucking around a lot and I don't care whether that is with girls or with boys. Or both even, haha! Sure, I'll settle down sometime but ...

Name: Ora - Age:18 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 3139 - Movies: 13 Rated by members:
Ora aka Jasmine Black I was the first girl in my class to grow tits and boy, were all the other girls jealous of me! And now, years later, a lot of them still look at me with envy when I show myself on the beach or in the swimming pool, I'm not kidding!

Name: Chelsea - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 1371 - Movies: 4 Rated by members:
My tits are my pride and joy. As a young girl I could only laugh at guys warning me that I might topple over. I knew they were only jealous because their own girlfriends didn't have jugs like mine. You bet they would love to handle them for a while!

Name: Sophia - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 285 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
Sophia has an amazing body but doesn't do any sports or fitness. Of course with such amazing boobs she must get most of her exercise... For Sophia having sex is never enough.

Name: Mia - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 2045 - Movies: 2 Rated by members:
Mia aka Mia Crush Although I am nearly twenty I still feel very much like a teenager. No, I don't play with my dolls anymore but I still love to dress up in the same stuff I used to wear when I was younger. OK, it has to be a couple of sizes larger, especially the tops!

Name: Lea - Age:19 - Cupsize: E+ - Photos: 2115 - Movies: 16 Rated by members:
Lea aka Terry Nova My tits started growing at a very young age and very fast too. I was always getting remarks from my classmates and even the teachers couldn't keep their eyes off me! And I can't keep count of the guys who are ogling me when I go to a topless beach...

Name: Britney - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 951 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
We get quite a lot of girls over here and of course we are curious every time what the new harvest looks like. But there are moments - like the one when Britney walked into the studio - that we all shut up and gasp for air!

Name: Julia - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 100 - Movies: 5 Rated by members:
We would like to introduce you to our new chef, Julia. She is not particularly good at cooking - in fact, she prefers to eat out - but she knows exactly what qualities a good cook should have: A firm pair of tits and an ever horny pussy!

Name: Gigi - Age:20 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 681 - Movies: 6 Rated by members:
Call me old-fashioned but I only like to have sex in bed, preferably my own. I simply don't feel at ease anywhere else, not even in the bedroom of my boyfriend. Besides, I'm pretty prudish when it comes to that. I do it under the covers!

Name: Tiana - Age:20 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 861 - Movies: 5 Rated by members:
An ex boyfriend of mine told me that my mouth was made for blow jobs. What he loved to do was rubbing his dick in between my tits with me squeezing them together en then come on my tongue. A good job ik like the taste of sperm...

Name: Tiffany - Age:21 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 641 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
What I like to do most after sex? Sleep! I think it is a great aphrodisiac. Two minutes after we're ready I am off and there's NO way of waking me up. I generally oversleep the next morning too. Good sex can really knock me out!

Name: Rachel - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 714 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
My tits are not just large, they are very sensitive too. And from the moment they began to grow I loved to play with them. It really makes me horny. Even more now I have had both nipples pierced: That has made them even more sensitive...

Name: Ellen - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 1552 - Movies: 8 Rated by members:
I used to be a pretty shy girl, but after some experimenting at college I changed a lot. Now I just love to suck my boyfriends boner while I'm playing with my big busty boobs.

Name: Sapphire - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 2101 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
I would love to have become a cheerleader but I found out soon enough that that wouldn’t be the job for me. Not the way my tits were growing in any case! But that had its advantages too. Hey, I wouldn’t be showing them off here otherwise!

Name: Mandy - Age:18 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 571 - Movies: 6 Rated by members:
This is my first time in front of a professional camera and boy, am I nervous! I couldn’t sleep last night and I skipped breakfast this morning. But I will do my best and show you as much of myself as I dare... and even throw in a vibrator!

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