Name: Kessy - Age:18 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 304 - Movies: 2 Rated by members:
Kessy is a real fan of the summer. That is the time she spends hours in our little swimming pool, enjoying the cool water. But sometimes she gets into one of those moods that make her climb out, lay down and enjoy her vibrator!
Name: Lisa L - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 51 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
Name: Nicole Z - Age:18 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 948 - Movies: 6 Rated by members:
My perfect boyfriend would be a very sportive guy. I like muscled bodies and I think he would need the energy to if he wants to start a relationship with me, haha! No, his dick size doesn't matter as long as he knows what to do with it.
Name: Wendy - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 837 - Movies: 5 Rated by members:
Wendy aka Angelina K Have you ever masturbated in the open air? Honestly, you don’t know what you are missing! Birds singing around you, cool air flowing along your naked skin... and nobody who can see you. Well, except for that guy with the camera that is!
Name: Kitty G - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 133 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
We’re bringing on another new model to our site: The lovely blonde Kitty. Blessed with a pair of tits you can only dream of we put her against our fairy tale background where she did a great performance on her favorite dildo...
Name: Becky - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 1478 - Movies: 7 Rated by members:
Becky aka Keira Moon Being in the water turns me on tremendously. It is like... being stroked all over, especially when it is really warm. So I though it was a great opportunity to pose in and around the pool. You won't be surprised to hear that I brought my vibrator with me do you?
Name: Darina - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 1955 - Movies: 7 Rated by members:
Darina Vanickova aka Joanna It was because of my tits that I went into the modeling business. A friend of mine sent some pictures he’d taken of me to a magazine and within a week I was stripping in front of total strangers with a camera! Mind you, I have never had any regrets about that. It can be a tough job at times but I...
Name: Jess - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 777 - Movies: 2 Rated by members:
Name: Danny F - Age:19 - Cupsize: E+ - Photos: 132 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
Name: Sheila B - Age:20 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 255 - Movies: 2 Rated by members:
Name: Masha B - Age:18 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 590 - Movies: 2 Rated by members:
Name: Allisa - Age:18 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 372 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
It took me a long time to realize my tits are attractive to a lot of men. Personally I thought they were shaped pretty oddly until one of my boyfriends sucked my puffy nipples for hours when we first had sex. That really woke me up and gave me an intense orgasm!
Name: Lucie A - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 1631 - Movies: 8 Rated by members:
Lucie aka Zoe McDonald I just love showing myself off in public and that is why I got this job. I was a little uneasy posing for the first time but now I travel from one photographer to the other. And yes, I have done just about everything in front of the camera!
Name: Ellis D - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 162 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
Name: Liana B - Age:20 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 1432 - Movies: 8 Rated by members:
Liana aka Liana Smiss Yeah I know, my hooters are humongous! They started growing when I was about eleven and they haven’t stopped since. At secondary school a lot of girls were pretty jealous of them until they got REALLY big. Personally I think they are just a part of me. Guys love ‘em, like to stroke and suck ‘em lik...
Name: Linet - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 1411 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
Name: Dolly G - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 178 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
Name: Rita - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 1276 - Movies: 4 Rated by members:
Name: Carmen A - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 2178 - Movies: 10 Rated by members:
Carmen aka Carmen Gemini My tits are the most sensitive part of my body, more sensitive even than my clit! If you rub my nipples they get hard instantaneously. Cup them with your hands and it sends ripples down my spine. And nearly every boyfriend I have had found this out soon enough. They all knew how to get me horny quickl...
Name: Ryanna - Age:18 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 623 - Movies: 4 Rated by members:
I don't have a steady boyfriend and I don't want one either. I want to experiment, to try guys out, in short, to have a lot of fun while I can. Maybe I will fall in love one day and everything will change but until then I just enjoy myself.
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