Name: Nicole Z - Age:18 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 835 - Movies: 6 Rated by members:
My perfect boyfriend would be a very sportive guy. I like muscled bodies and I think he would need the energy to if he wants to start a relationship with me, haha! No, his dick size doesn't matter as long as he knows what to do with it.
Name: Ginger - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 98 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
Name: Vivian A - Age:21 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 2668 - Movies: 10 Rated by members:
Jennifer aka Jennifer Max My favourite afternoon would be spent in the bathroom, one with one of those oldfashioned tubs. Just lying back, relaxing, enjoying the warm water all around my busty naked body. Preferably with some soft music in the background and a glass of red wine at hand. No, no boyfriend. Relaxing is something...
Name: Lyla B - Age:18 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 78 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
Name: Demi - Age:20 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 1238 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
We get girls in all shapes and sizes here and with some of them you can tell at the first glance: This one is simply made for sex. Demi gave us that impression when she walked in here and we weren't mistaken: She's completely hooked!
Name: Ingrid D - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 77 - Movies: 0 Rated by members:
Name: Alice - Age:20 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 1992 - Movies: 10 Rated by members:
When I was a young girl and I was just discovering my body I used to spend hours on the toilet playing with myself. It was the only place where I could have some privacy. And now I still do it every now and then when I get into the right mood....
Name: Liana B - Age:20 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 1432 - Movies: 8 Rated by members:
Liana aka Liana Smiss Yeah I know, my hooters are humongous! They started growing when I was about eleven and they haven’t stopped since. At secondary school a lot of girls were pretty jealous of them until they got REALLY big. Personally I think they are just a part of me. Guys love ‘em, like to stroke and suck ‘em lik...
Name: Kathy - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 2138 - Movies: 10 Rated by members:
I am really proud of my tits. I mean, I like my whole body and there are not many girls who can say that. But my breasts are my prize posession. They're round, firm and the nipples are ever so sensitive. I love to play with them...
Name: Leila - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 326 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
Name: Silvie - Age:20 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 3191 - Movies: 10 Rated by members:
Stracy Stone aka Silvie I am a very social character and therefore I have loads of friends, both male and female. My phone is buzzing around the clock and I hardly spend a night at home... much to the despair of my parents. But I do really enjoy myself here at Young Busty though!
Name: Lana - Age:18 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 242 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
Only a couple of months ago I was known for being a plain Jane. I spent most of my time on my study and hardly any on boyfriends. Then I met this guy who can fuck like a Diesel engine: A slow starter but he can go on forever. Since then I changed my lifestyle quite a lot: I might flunk school but I’m having a great time!
Name: Debby - Age:22 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 967 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
I am quite a spontaneous character. I jump into new things without really thinking about it and it is true: I have bumped my nose a couple of times like that. Still, adventure is something that attracts me, especially sexual adventure. I love experimenting, I love trying new things out. That's just me!
Name: Birgit - Age:20 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 0 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
Name: Jess - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 777 - Movies: 2 Rated by members:
Name: Adria - Age:23 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 333 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
I am pretty satisfied with my body. It has all the stuff in the right quantity and in the right places. That is why I love to show myself off I think. I love being watched, especially when I’m doing something naughty. A true exhibitionist!
Name: Anne C - Age:19 - Cupsize: E+ - Photos: 0 - Movies: 3 Rated by members:
Name: Giovana - Age:19 - Cupsize: DD - Photos: 581 - Movies: 5 Rated by members:
She may look like a sweet innocent girl, but deep down inside she is a fierce sex animal fantasizing about threesomes with her best girlfriend and a guy that knows how to handle or massive knockers.
Name: Ellis - Age:19 - Cupsize: D - Photos: 545 - Movies: 4 Rated by members:
When you are a good looking girl there is no place in this house where you are even remotely safe from our cameraman. Not even on the toilet! And if you are not quick enough to take your clothes off he is more than willing to lend you a hand!
Name: Antonie - Age:19 - Cupsize: E - Photos: 0 - Movies: 1 Rated by members:
These hot girls have been the object of sexual desires since puberty and adore the feeling of their tits being admired. They are just now experimenting with sex and want you to come along for the adventures. Big boob girls showing off their bodies, touching themselves and even showing guys a thing or two.